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Congratulations and Welcome to
Financial Freedom University

Our Fabulous Community

One of the most powerful things about FFU is our Community of Wealth Chefs.  It's private, supportive and many people are going through OR have conquered the same challenges you may face.  Our FFUers say it is one of the best things about our programme.

Add yourself to the amazing FFU Community and introduce yourself now. This is a private FFU Facebook group that is full of FFU graduates and new FFU’ers, who love to share ideas, ask and answer questions, support each other and celebrate wins.

Please don't be shy about this. If you want to create a great relationship with money it's important to get comfortable talking about money and finding a fantastic community of people to support you on that journey, people who believe in you and what is possible.


As this is your second round the training is ready for you now in the training portal. 

You will use your existing login details to login.

Secondly, make time for your wealth. Download the live training call schedule and mark these dates in your schedule. You will be sent reminder emails before each training call with the dial in and web connection details and if you can’t make the live calls they will be recorded and made available for you in the portal.

Thirdly, we all thrive on seeing the progress we are making and being able to track what we have completed and what is still to come. In the FFU training portal you will find your fabulous Financial Freedom University Achievement Tracker - download this and print yourself a copy and tick off and celebrate your progress as we go on this journey together.

Fourthly - We will be sending you details about your Bonuses and how to access those really soon, so keep an eye out for this in your inbox. Please note - so as to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed and can focus fully on the FFU Curriculum - your Bonuses will start being released to you after week 4.

FINALLY, Congratulations on taking up the opportunity to go through the live round of Financial Freedom University again. I want to thank you for taking that leap... and I want to reassure you that there have been hundreds of successful Wealth Chefs that have gone before you. This is going to work for you... as long as you work the plan.

I look forward to working with you and talking with you once we get started!

P.S. How you get started doesn't really matter. What's important is that you get in there... get your wealth kitchen set up... and get ready for a heck of a ride!

P.P.S. If you have any problems whatsoever, just send an email to our amazing customer solutions fairies. They'll take care of you right away:

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