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In Their Own Words...

Don't take it from us, listen to our grads! I have the honour of working with a vibrant global community of Wealth Chefs in the making and I am always thrilled to hear their inspiring stories and how this work is changing lives.

You'll find just a few of our favourites below.

Jackie Johnson

From living on a financial knife edge - to breaking free of debt, having investments, buying her own home and feeling empowered and in control.

Ntobeko & Phumelele Masinga

Breaking out from the prison of debt and the illusion of success - to real wealth, freedom and getting back their dreams.

Mona & Vis Naidoo

Becoming financially savvy enabled them to get significantly more from their money, which allowed them to BOTH leave their jobs and follow their dreams.

Nomvula Xayiya

From divorce overwhelm and financial ignorance to money confidence and the feeling of liberation from financial empowerment.

Terry Greig

Moving to managing their money, stopping the cycle of money coming in then out and learning that she, and anyone can do it!

Suzanne Pool

With her own business now and investments, she feels that financial freedom university empowers and delivers juicy living in a sustainable and joyous way. 

Arlene Petrush

Her favourite lesson from working with Ann has been to trust herself, trusting that she knows how to manage her money, Ann gave her confidence. 

Andile and Nomvuyiso Madikizela

From trimming the fat, getting out of the negative and learning to properly budget - the course is helping them determine the best way forward.

Avril Jason

Now debt free and has assets, she is in the early stages of her journey and feels that no matter who you are, you can be financially free.

Sam Russell

Her net worth 3 years later is almost 9 times greater than when she started. Looking back, she can't believe the progress she has made in the last 3 years, she couldn't have dreamed that this is where she is today.

Caroline De Waard

She has created a passive income stream that generates €1500 a month. She is now enjoying her life to the fullest and not living paycheck to paycheck. 

Julie Fuery

She realized that is important to feel financially free, to get off the "not there" monster. She has created a new mantra- you have enough, you do enough and you have enough. 

Natalie Woodman

Natalie now works less than she used to, her investment portfolio is now varied and she no longers about her future, she has plugged her money leaks and is aware of her money matters.

Susan Hay

She now self invests, she has consolidated her assets and now is in control. She invests in ethical industries, she know where her money is going and is confident.

Shelley Hutchinson

Since FFU, she feels she has permission to live her life and she is now able to facilitate the life she leads. She has invested in Index Trackers and shipping containers.

Ann Becks

Now investing in property, have moved their underperforming investments and their money pots are in place. She feels like they are on a rocket towards their dreams. 

Katherine Reynolds

Now have a property asset earning money and Katherine now has a thriving online business, is less stressed helps other entrepreneurs.

Mandy Barnett

She is now invested in index trackers and is making making money from her investments. She believes FFU is the best investment you will ever make.

Helen & Robin Wood

They have doubled their net worth, dont have any consumer debt and have 3 properties with infinite returns. They are building leverage on their properties and understanding how to measure the progress.

Caitriona Ellis

She has made the conscious decision to be the CFO of her family and this has had a big impact on her family. She stopped working and found her value in giving to her family and is helping grow the family wealth. 

Luke and Natalie Matthews

Natalie now has index trackers, crypto currencies and a variety of other funds. He wants his son to grow up knowing that his parents are financially astute and teaching him to follow in their steps. 

Sarah Williams

She was a saver and was interested in property but she didn't have a plan. She now has a business, equities and properties that are doing well, she has a clear strategy in place and is close to her freedom number.

Neil Lawson

His business is now thriving with a good profit having doubled his income, all of this was done within 12 months. He realized that he had to put the ego aside and accept help and advice. 

Susan Mills

Susan Mills is an energy healer, who had massive debt and kept digging the debt hole until she learned how to work smarter with her money through Financial Freedom University.

Mitzie Day

Mitzie Day, mother and wife, who found a major life change and transformation through Financial Freedom University.

Marlene Mahokoto

This lay minister dared to imagine what she could achieve in the world if she had the power of money fueling her mission. Setting out to learn how to invest in the stock market, she discovered this freedom journey is so much more. 

George Lizos

George Lizos came out of university and business school with no idea how to manage his personal finances until he found Financial Freedom University. 

Debbie Rahimi

She knew she needed to break the inter-generational financial ignorance and create a new way of being for herself and her children, and she did.

Lara Waldman

Lara Waldman prayed for an easier and more joyful way to make money. Financial Freedom University was an answer to her prayers.

Jenni Syrjala

Jenni Syrjala is a business owner who went from going backwards to financial empowerment through Financial Freedom University.

Rosie Slosek

Rosie Slosek was a financial mess who didn't know where to start and Financial Freedom University answered all the questions she had and didn't even know to ask.

Peter Webster

All Peter knew was that he wanted a wealthy life, but he had no idea how to achieve that until he joined Financial Freedom University.

Rionach Aiken

She had given way, to working hard for money. With Financial Freedom University she learned how to get her money working hard for her and buy back her time with loved ones.

Della Tysall

Della Tysall is a physiotherapist and health coach who always struggled to make her money work for her & couldn't see a way out of the rat race until she joined Financial Freedom University.

Bianca Gerber

Bianca Gerber knew some of the steps she had to take to find financial freedom, but she did find the inspiration to take action until she found Financial Freedom University.

Marina Pearson

Now gets to spend all the time she wants with her boy, travel the world and have all the support she needs because she now has assets bringing in all the money she needs.

Caroline Cavanagh

Caroline Cavanagh had no idea how to go about increasing her income & growing her money. Financial Freedom University turned her into an investment whizz & her income grew way faster than she had expected.

Nancy Kennewell

Nancy Kennewell's amazing journey has taken her from having debt and no financial direction to her family's go to financial consultant & savvy investor. 

Hilma Bosma

Hillma Bosma, a wife and mother was bankrupt & found her freedom through Financial Freedom University..

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