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Arlene Petrush

She is a big saver and Ann has given her the confidence to know that she has enough confidence to live freely. She learned to be pragmatic and analytical side. Ann brings the left and right brain skills to money management and she has brought together some bad ass women who are inspirational. Her favourite lesson from working with Ann has been to trust herself, trusting that she knows how to manage her money, Ann gave her confidence. 

Steffi Teetz

Steffi found a great platform where she could benefit from a coach and mentor. She increased her net worth, as well as decreasing her families debt and now has created time for her dreams and loves working with finances.

Dineo Mmako

Dineo started off being ignorant about money, but now has better clarity and structure to realistically achieve financial freedom in 5 years instead of 25 years as initially thought. She now knows the importance of commitment and follow through and taking responsibility and being the leader of her finances

Sharon Hendrikse

Sharon has now quit her job and is working full time on her online coaching business. She now has also invested her time in doing fun things and managed to go oversees for a holiday for the first time to the USA.

Terry Greig

Terry has had a whopping 93% net worth increase and now has the direction to achieve freedom which is calming down her nervous system. She has realised the importance of picking up emotional, behavioural and financial changes and benefits. Terry has learnt to trust herself again and is inspired to show up for her money and show up for her life.

Corne & Stella Momberg

From in debt business owners not sure of how to manage the personal and business finances, to clearing debt and getting the business to turn a profit. They also now enjoy teaching their son how to manage money.

Yolande Opperman

Yolande now acknowledges her husband and her own growth and challenges too. She has had a brilliant net worth increase, business and asset growth.

Shannon Royden-Turner

Shannon cam from a space of feeling not good enough as a woman. Now she has cleared all her debt, has an online business that actually works, has leveraged property and has gotten rid of limiting beliefs about what is possible.

Natalie & Luke Matthews

Natalie and Luke have had massive transformation in their lives, business and relationship. They have found a new foundations for working together. They now also have great new type of investments, from structured finance and an e-commerce business to derivative trading.

Lizanne Bronkhorst

She has started investing and looking at opportunities that she can invest in. Lizanne is teaching others about money and has gained massive knowledge. She has blitzed debt and feels a whole lot less stressed.

Anne Dargan

Anne's net worth has gone up 31% so far, she's less risk averse, with much more clarity and confidence. She's financially free and this work has had an indirect effect on her kids now making more financially savvy decisions. She took solid steps far out of her comfort zone in order to grow wealth. 

Natacha Hesketh

Natachas has had a change of mindset from away from negativity. She has learnt to think out of the box and has improved her investment portfolio. She became a first time property investor and has had real growth in terms of different investment avenues. Natacha is now willing to be creative in how she goes about creating her wealth.

Maria Tucker

She took action in spite of health challenges and has fully taken advantage of the support she got from being part of the community. Maria has more than halved her debt,  increased her network and has inspired others.

Ntobeko & Phumelele Masinga

Breaking out from the prison of debt and the illusion of success - to real wealth and freedom. In this heartwarming, intimate and inspiring “money” love story, Ntobeko and Phumelele share how learning about money saved their marriage, got them out of a huge debt hole and gave them back their dreams.

Jackie Johnson

In this powerful money story, Jackie shares how she went from living on a financial knife edge (full of shame, fear and stress), deep in debt, relying on food boxes from the church and juggling credit to survive - to breaking free of debt, having investments, buying her own home and feeling empowered and in control of her life and money where she gets to use it to make her and her daughters life all she ever dreamed.


Nomvula Xayiya

From divorce overwhelm and financial ignorance to money confidence and freedom, Nomvula shows that it’s never too late to become financially savvy and feel the liberation of financial empowerment.

In this open, honest and liberating share, Nomvula shares how she claimed back her power and freedom.


Mona & Vis Naidoo

Mona and Vis share how becoming financially savvy enabled them to get significantly more from their money and investments which allowed them to BOTH leave their jobs and follow their dreams (with lots of travel in between too).


Caitriona Ellis

Caitriona used Financial Freedom University to take her and her family from two incomes, stress and not knowing how they would cover their mortgage to - as she puts it - one income, 3 kids, loads of fun and on track for financial freedom in two years.

Susan Mills

Susan Mills is an energy healer, who had massive debt and kept digging the debt hole until she learned how to work smarter with her money through Financial Freedom University.

Caroline De Waard

Caroline De Waard feared that at 58 it was too late for her to create financial freedom. In just one year she created a passive income of €1500 a month, started a new business in the Netherlands teaching others how to invest in property and visited Barcelona which had been a dream for years, realising now she can have all these adventures she had always dreamed of.

Katherine Reynolds

Katherine Reynolds hated seeing her husband's health deteriorate from working so hard, but they didn't know any other way. They used their new financial education to create passive income flows in property and online businesses which has completely transformed their relationship.

Marlene Mahokoto

No one in Marlene's world invested, no one knew about the stock market and no-one was wealthy yet this lay minister dared to imagine what she could achieve in the world if she had the power of money fueling her mission. Setting out to learn how to invest in the stock market, she discovered this freedom journey is so much more. 

Mitzie Day

Mitzie Day, mother and wife, who found a major life change and transformation through Financial Freedom University.

George Lizos

George Lizos came out of university and business school with no idea how to manage his personal finances until he found Financial Freedom University. 

Debbie Rahimi

When Debbie Rahimi's father died with many of his dreams still inside him and so much of his life unfulfilled because of financial constraints, she knew she needed to break the inter-generational financial ignorance and create a new way of being for herself and her children, and she did.

Lara Waldman

Lara Waldman prayed for an easier and more joyful way to make money. Financial Freedom University was an answer to her prayers.

Jenni Syrjala

Jenni Syrjala is a business owner who went from going backwards to financial empowerment through Financial Freedom University.

Rosie Slosek

Rosie Slosek was a financial mess who didn't know where to start and Financial Freedom University answered all the questions she had and didn't even know to ask.

Peter Webster

All Peter knew was that he wanted a wealthy life, but he had no idea how to achieve that until he joined Financial Freedom University.

Natalie Woodman

Despite running a successful business Natalie Woodman never seemed to have any time or money for herself and had nothing set up for her retirement and no clue how to do it. With Financial Freedom University Natalie now has her retirement sorted, emergency funds in place, is working significantly less and up-leveled every area of her life.

Rionach Aiken

When her husband landed in hospital, Rionach found herself reflecting on how much family time she has given away to working hard for money. With Financial Freedom University she learned how to get her money working hard for her and buy back her time with loved ones.

Heidi Sternberg

Heidi is divorced and a single mom who was determined to change her family's life for the better. Financial Freedom University took her from struggling to make ends meat to great control oh her finances.

Mandy Barnett

Meet Mandy Barnett - now a confident and accomplished investor who is having a ball creating real wealth in her retirement. Hard to believe that just a few years ago, coming to the end of a 31 year Doctors career, she was clueless about investing and had no idea how she was going to fill the gap between the pension she was going to get and the much bigger salary her family needed. 

Della Tysall

Della Tysall is a physiotherapist and health coach who always struggled to make her money work for her & couldn't see a way out of the rat race until she joined Financial Freedom University.

Bianca Gerber

Bianca Gerber knew some of the steps she had to take to find financial freedom, but she did find the inspiration to take action until she found Financial Freedom University.

Marina Pearson

Single mum, Marina Pearson, had to borrow money to get through the month and join Financial Freedom University and now gets to spend all the time she wants with her boy, travel the world and have all the support she needs because she now has assets bringing in all the money she needs.

Caroline Cavanagh

Caroline Cavanagh had no idea how to go about increasing her income & growing her money. Financial Freedom University turned her into an investment whizz & her income grew way faster than she had expected.

Nancy Kennewell

Nancy Kennewell's amazing journey has taken her from having debt and no financial direction to her family's go to financial consultant & savvy investor.  

Susan Hay

Susan Hay was caught up in consumer debt & working from hand to mouth until Financial Freedom University gave her the tools to get out of that cycle.

Sam Russell

Sam Russell was overwhelmed with massive consumer debt until Financial Freedom University showed her a way out.

Jacqui Quinn

Jacqui Quinn, business owner, who felt trapped in debt until she joined Financial Freedom University.

Hillma Bosma

Hillma Bosma, a wife and mother was bankrupt & found her freedom through Financial Freedom University.

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